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BBNomics-Buy Black Economics is all about group reliance, real money wisdom, for our people who want to beat the odds, prove everyone wrong and become a beacon of light in the world by living life with a purpose. The aim is making an impact by providing platforms for everyone to actively engage in fundamental principles of group economics, group-love, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. It’s for our people who are serious about taking their lives — and their POWER — to the next level!

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BBNomics offers a comprehensive marketplace designed to match potential supporters with compelling projects in need of funding. Projects may come from a diverse set of areas including commercial technology, scientific research, inventions, community support, and education.

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Our vision is broad. We want to enable innovative business ideas to flourish in the black community. We want to help fill the gap between research and results. We want to aid communities to support useful projects to help their residents. We want students at all levels of education to have every opportunity to achieve their potential.

Traditional forms of funding continue to constrict and are increasingly difficult to obtain. At the same time, many people would like to lend support if even in a small way. With BBNomics, any individual can contribute at whatever level they are able, add their bit to the larger pot, and make a difference.

When you pledge money to a project on BBNomics, you acknowledge that your pledge is not an investment, nor are you to gain any financial reward by supporting a project. You do so out of a desire to support the project, the project owner, or the “greater good” brought by a project’s success or implementation, as well as for any reward offered to you for making the pledge.

A pledge you make to back a project will only be processed at the end of the project’s campaign when the project reaches its Goal Amount (unless the project is canceled by the project owner).

You need a thumbnail image (a small picture or graphic image “3 by 4 portrait”) that represents your project, a complete description or “pitch” that promotes your project to potential backers, a well thought out funding goal, web addresses that backers can use to learn more about what you and your project are all about, and anything else that might convince someone to back your project: executive summary, revenue projection, PowerPoint presentation, etc. We strongly suggest that you produce a short and simple video of you or your team talking about why your project is worth backing. You must also think carefully about what pledge denominations you wish to offer and what rewards you will be fulfilled in return.

At BBNomics, we will help your project meet its funding goal with Standard Marketing Resources. If you wish to have us take a more active role in helping you, then Premium Marketing Resources is the way to go. We submit a press release, pre-write emails, social media marketing, email blast and much more during the duration of your campaign. These services are not part of the 8% premium fee, they are in addition to the cost associated with providing these services. BBnomics do not absorb these cost, they will be passed on to you.  To receive the additional help you must email us, click here.

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There are many variations of passages of available but the majority have suffered alteration in some.
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