A Blogger’s Role in Crowdfunding


The objective of this post is to define the role of bloggers in the crowdfunding industry, explain the need for a blogger outreach strategy, and provide guidance for implementing an effective blogger outreach strategy. Bloggers are the new journalist of the digital media age. The days prior to the emergence of the Internet your Public Relations strategy could be built on relationships with a few journalists, but in today’s new global communications ecosystem there are new rules of engagement and our goal is to touch on the essential tactics needed to build these vital relationships.

Bloggers Are People

The first and most important rule to remember is that bloggers are people and as such must be treated accordingly. They are not tools to be used and placed back on the shelf until the next time the need arises. Bloggers are writers that unlike their predecessors, journalist, are not constrained by the traditional media business models. Bloggers are usually personal writers that have a passion for writing about a niche market or subject. They have a much broader range of freedom to pick topics and they have the ability to inject there opinion into their writing.

Blogging is Social Media

Blogging is social media driven and what that means is that any digital technology that provides a means to engage in dialogue is social media. Bloggers want to provide high-quality content to educate its readers, and bloggers expect high-quality engagement from its readers and followers. Bloggers love comments and from these comments relationships are developed. These transparent interactions on the blog and on social media platforms build trust that is the foundation of online relationships.

3 Steps to Blogger Outreach

Bloggers outreach should begin with a genuine desire to build a lasting trust based relationship with the blogger. Here are three ways we recommend building a trust based relationship with bloggers.

  1. Read old blog posts and comments to get a better feel and understanding of the blog and its culture.
  2. Read the current blog post and begin to comment where appropriate trying only to be helpful or to ask questions. (No promotion of product or service)
  3. Follow the blog on social media platforms and share high-quality content from the blog with you networks.

Key Takeaways

The power of the Internet has had an immense impact on communications. The Web and Social Media provide a medium of communication that in a matter of minutes information can reach millions of people with internet connections and search engines. Information can reach its audience directly and its reach can be expanded exponentially by influencers such as bloggers who pick up on it and write about it.

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