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Greetings My name is Maisha(Life Journey) Safari, I am everything that you are,who ever you are I ThAnkh you for taking this time to even read this. I am a creative soul who embodies so much possibilities,I am a mother of a 3 year old daughter who inspires me to show my gifts and follow my dreams and ideas. I was born in Columbia,South Carolina and raised in Gainesville,Fl. I grew up in a talented family and am thAnkh-full to have gained and witnessed such greatness in my family.I have been writing any and everything since the age of 12. Whether it was songs,poems,quotes and as I got older I continued to write. I wrote a few children's books before my daughter was born and was able to read them to her when she came into this world. I want to share this inspirational book geared towards empowering,normalizing and educating young melanated girls and boys.

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” Neemah wakes up she puts her feet on the ground, she lifts her hands up and removes her scarf from her crown, BOING! ”

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