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The ever increasing time has come to collectively and effectively use brown, black and yellow dollars to gain freedom and justice. Many are pleading for celebrities to organize a plan and call to action but the power lies within. If you're tired of your cries for equality and justice falling on deaf ears then I encourage .... no actually we dare you to act today. First spread the word. Second withdraw $100 from your bank and deposit the money into a black owned bank. You will find a black owned bank in the link above. Third donate a feasible amount to the Minority Empowerment Movement. MEM focuses on organizing and expanding structures that will improve the quality of life for African Americans and people of color in our country. Our first order of busisness is to fund an uber like organization called Citzens Police Protection. During traffic stops or being pulled over an available citizen in the area will come and observe the incident. Thus creating an enviroment of accountability for law enforcement, increasing safety and ensuring the rights of the citizen. Your donation no matter how small will make an immense differnce. Please act today and be the change that you wish to see.