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My name is Kayowa Tania Kasongo and I am the CEO and Event Strategist of Yowa Events, LLC. I founded this company not only because of my passion for events, but also because I felt there was a key element missing from events I had attended, and that was personal branding. I have an extensive background in events, I have coordinated events with the United Nations, managed group trips to many destinations and planned traditional weddings, including dowry ceremonies. I also have strong marketing expertise – this includes social media for Super Bowl XLVIII, promotional marketing for Fortune 100 companies and managing a retail business in the dawn of the technology age. This combination of marketing and events is the basis of Yowa Events.

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We often hear about all the problems and divisions in this world, I would like for this event to open up dialogue and get us all to unite.  In addition, the mission of the African Community Center of Denver is doing amazing work and I want them to get as much support as possible.  Lastly, what Afrikmall has accomplished is beautiful and it should be celebrated and maybe one day expanded to other cities.

By supporting, you will be helping 2 great organizations get the exposure they need and also you will help open the minds of many other people as they connect with people from different backgrounds.

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