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Hello, My name is Allen Stevenson. CEO of an organization called the Light Poetic Ministry. Our ministry feels that God has blessed us with the artist expression and we want to give that back to the people, to serve our community. Our mission is to go to places around the city and spread a strong positive message around our city, and eventually the country. We will draw attention to faith, social justices, and solutions to some of the ills that we are seeing around the country. My wife and I currently have a combined 30 years of poetry and performing and writing under our belts. I am currently on a mission to bring an organization to the city of Omaha called Light and Life Records. This company will act as not only as a record label producing high quality content, but we will also serve the community and the artist that we work with. More details on that will be on the campaign itself. I currently do spoken word poetry and hip hop music. The content is based around 100% consciousness.

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Hello All,  Supporters of Light and Life Records Campaign! This is our biggest campaign to date.  We are starting this campaign to give birth to Light and Life Records. Light and Life records will be a label out of Omaha, NE.  Our ultimate goal and function is to do the following: 1.  Collaborate with some of […]

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