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Hello,       My name is Khadijah Preciado and I am the founder of Perfectly Unaltered Radiant Essentials. P.U.R.E. is a small black woman owned business in Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  How did you get started?      I was always conscious of the ingredients i consumed. My mother would tell you that i wanted to be a vegetarian at 5 years old! I couldn't find products that were effective WITHOUT harsh ingredients like alcohols, dyes, parabens, sulfates, and cancer causing chemicals. If they did pass the ingredient test, they were pricey and hard to find in store. I started making my own products and I really started to enjoy it!       One day I made a gift for a family friend, a custom hair oil. He loved it, tried it out and gave me $5. I told him it wasn't necessary as i just wanted to give him. He told me to keep it as the first $5 of my business. I hadn't thought about starting a business but Michael's motivation is what got me here today!How do you come up with your products?     I do a lot of research! I'm always searching DIY products. Once i know what i want to make, I Google ingredients and experiment until it's right.  Most of my products were made for myself. If i feel like i need something, i make it!     Sometimes I will call my mom and tell her what I'm thinking and we roll ideas off of one another. My Stepfather, My marketing manager, gives me great ideas from a male perspective. What's your goal for your business?     It is cliché, but i want to help people naturally feel beauty and confident inside and out. I want it to be more than a business but family. I want everyone to be able to afford quality products. Most importantly, I want to help everyone i can have a healthier lifestyle.