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A Louisiana native, Raspy Rawls has had his fair share of experiences that have propelled him into being an being an Activist, Mentor, National & International Community Organizer, A & R, Celebrity Consultant and Revolutionary Leader. Raised by a mother whom is very involved in the Community and a Humanitarian herself, is an integral part of what makes him who he is. With his strong sense of being Family Oriented, Role of Protector, he began doing so in his younger years. Much to her disappointment, Raspy got arrested for dealing drugs, and in that he promised to make it out back to her. It was right after his time of incarceration that the thirst for knowledge came to fruition. Knowledge found in the books he read, the life he’d lived, catapulted the change that inspires and is the driving force for him to create change. His Frontline Experience in Ferguson, Baltimore, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Flint and more, along With a vast majority of followers on social media, he uses the network to educate, organize, and help those in need. As an Author of the Inspired by Raspy Book Series and founder of UpCommunity, he devotes much of his time and energy into encouraging the masses to read, analyze and comprehend social ,health, economic, political, mental, and systematic effects particularly in the black community. His knowledge has enabled him to become a forefront in activism in many cases across the nation. In effects closer to his home state, the tribulations and lack of aid during Hurricane Season, innately brought about his organization within the community. The lack of aid only further attested that he needed to continue his mission to educate and use his organizational skills to develop the community to be resourceful, self-sufficient, and to provide within. Having moved to Houston, his experience with other hurricanes, were the groundwork for Hurricane Harvey. It was then that The Pause Network (Providing Answers Unity And Social Empowerment), a 501c3 Tax Deductible Non Profit, became solidified, although it had been in the works years before. The unity and collaboration of entrepreneurs, small organizations, and black owned businesses all working together for a greater cause, finally procured into a Social Empowerment.

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Daniel Clary was stopped for a traffic violation. As he attempted to receive further clarification from the Officer about the payment of said violation, the Officer becomes agitated and suspects Clary of being “under the influence”. Clary was found Not Guilty on 1 Count of DUI, and the other DUI was Withdrawn. His mother has […]

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Hurricane Maria has caused catastrophic damage to some of the People of the Caribbean Islands. People are in need of EVERYTHING. The Pause Network Co., a Non-Profit which was very successful in administering Relief Efforts to Hurricane Irma Victims, has logistics on shipping and shipping containers. 3 40′ containers will be filled and shipped from […]

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