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The Mission of Soul Circuitry is unite and heal the African Diaspora through the utilization of culture and technology. The Vision of Soul Circuitry is Afro-Futuristic, Techno-Indigenous, and one in which we have followed the lead, wisdom and practices of ancient cultures to find balance in our application of technology. Our vision is one where natural law guides the use and understanding of technology. This would mean that technology would put in service to a healthy ecology and not in opposition to its existence. This means that the greater and greater wealth being produced and centralized by fewer and fewer is redistributed, and that this redistribution accounts for both the taking of indigenous land throughout the world as well as the exploitation of various people throughout the globe. This would mean technology that verifiably contributes to the wellbeing of women and children as directly informed and shaped by their experience. We think globally, but act locally…and globally. We recognize the macro and micro and everything in-between. We are Pan-Africanist, but not Nationalist. We see electoral politics as a viable and important tactic, and to that extent seek to enhance understanding and technological support where possible. We also recognize that liberation, as it is understood and expressed by many individuals, groups and cultures cannot and will not be achieved through those ends either alone or if at all. However, we recognize that it is unwise to throw options off the table before they are fully understood and leveraged. We envision a world where the great wealth that has been generated at the cost of the African diaspora over many years finds it’s way back into their hands, and we recognize that that alone does not and will not constitute a healing. We envision a world where all forms of those healing not only find expression, but structural support for that expression. We envision a world where the healing, unification and restoration of the African diaspora is a contribution to the healing and liberation of all and is understood as such. And we develop tools, programs, services and products to that end. What the programs or areas of Focus of Soul Circuitry? The three areas of focus for Soul Circuitry are very expressly stated upfront. They are: A. Culture B. Technology C. African Diaspora We also offer services independent of and in relationship to each one. Each of these area has three sub-areas. A. Culture: Soul Circuitry Monthly Event in Oakland The What the Bleep Happened to Hip Hop Campaign (Partnership with Hip Hop Congress and Move to Amend) Soul Circuitry Media and Blog. B.Technology The Other 99 percent-Soul Circuitry Black Technologists Network Valley Watch, ongoing discussions, blogs, interviews and reports on the relationship between Silicon Valley, and other tech centers and the African Diaspora Soul Circuitry Media and Blog C. The C. African Diaspora Diaspora Discussions-An ongoing series of lectures, community discussions, focus groups and digital media tools designed to facilitate an ongoing process in healing the diaspora The Diaspora Support Project-Soul Circuitry identifies and partners up with pre-existing or emerging projects that are moving the healing and connection process forward New Slaves - A online discussion series looking at everything from the slavery of yesterday to the automation of today. Where are the connections and intersections, as well as the separation and divisions in our economic and racial his/her/their stories. Where we operate(locations, tours, region, national & international), Bay Area: Oakland, SF, San Jose, Sacramento PNW: Bellingham, Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia WA, Portland OR West Coast: LA Nationally: Denver CO, Austin TX, Detroit MI, Cleveland OH, Internationally: Mexico, How we do what we do(services & products, case studies, projects), Services: Technology Support, Web Design and Social Media Support for Artists, Organizations and small and medium sizes business. Campaign consultation and support. Network development Event support and design Grant Writing, Fundraising and revenue generation support Artist digital infrastructure support

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Soul Circuitry is raising funds to Launch New Artist Projects and develop our What the Bleep Happened to Hip Hop Campaign and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! The Mission of Soul Circuitry is unite and heal the African Diaspora through the utilization of culture and technology. The Vision of Soul Circuitry is Afro-Futuristic, Techno-Indigenous, and one […]

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