BBNomics and Black Crowdfunding


10 years ago, crowdfunding emerged after the 2008 financial crisis in response to the difficulties faced by early-stage enterprises attempting to generate marketing traction and funding. As the inner-city African-American community embraces its potential, and the substantial reservoirs of untapped entrepreneurial talent are beginning to emerge daily the economic of these communities will change for the better as jobs, businesses and wealth are created in these once disinvested communities. There are millions of inner-city individuals and organizations that are able to make small crowdfunding investments in community businesses.

The Crowd Economy

As a crowdfunding consultant, my hope is that this trend will grab a foothold in inner-city African-American communities and continue to grow as friends families and community organizations will finance business ideas with crowdfunding’s online extension to access the capital and national reach of the community, or “the crowd”. Now, with the recent news of crowd investing options for startups, I look forward to seeing growing startups and real estate development engage in crowd investing to continue to grow their brand loyalty with their crowd and be able to spread the wealth through retail investing in local businesses and real estate development.

Black People’s role in Pop Culture

As a community, inner-city Blacks tend to set the trends in popular  American culture from music to fashion and we are beginning to become strong authors and filmmakers. These are all areas that have long been dominated by a relatively small number of wealthy and powerful people that determined what products made it to market and they would reap the profits. Today, driven by the crowd economy the dynamics will change as our community embraces crowdfunding as a driving force for creativity, marketing, and funding. No longer will our creativity and entrepreneurship be exploited for the gains of other communities.   

Building Wealth From Our Creativity

Black consumers are trendsetters and tastemakers for young consumers of all races, according to the Selig Center. They define mainstream culture and wield immense influence over how Americans choose to spend their money. Any marketing campaign targeting millennials “must include messages to reach African-American youth. With the advent of crowdfunding and crowd investing we now have the ability to create, market, fund, and distribute our creative products while building wealth as entrepreneurs and retail investors.


BBNomics – ‘A Crowdfunding Site,’ soon after many more initiatives were designed and privately financed to help our community organizations. This journey is long and extremely difficult, but I refuse to give up. My personal goal is for these platforms to raise millions in funding to help entrepreneurs and organizations open their doors to the public. BBNomics-Buy Black Economics other goals are to teach the fundamentals of group economics, group-love, and financial literacy through education, keynote speeches, panelists and most importantly, funding many start-up ventures. BBNomics-Buy Black Economics is all about group reliance, real money wisdom, for our people who want to beat the odds, prove everyone wrong and become a beacon of light in the world by living life with a purpose. The aim is making an impact by providing platforms for everyone to actively engage in fundamental principles of group economics, grouplove, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. It’s for our people who are serious about taking their lives — and their POWER — to the next level!

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