We often hear about all the problems and divisions in this world, I would like for this event to open up dialogue and get us all to unite.  In addition, the mission of the African Community Center of Denver is doing amazing work and I want them to get as much support as possible.  Lastly, what Afrikmall has accomplished is beautiful and it should be celebrated and maybe one day expanded to other cities.

By supporting, you will be helping 2 great organizations get the exposure they need and also you will help open the minds of many other people as they connect with people from different backgrounds.


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African Heritage CommUNITY Event and Support Refugees


I am hosting and coordinating an event called “Afropolitans United”.  My goal with this event is to have those who love Africa unite and network with each other and celebrate what others are doing in their respective communities.  I chose Denver as the location to have the event because it is centrally located and also because it has the only African-themed mall in the United States, Afrikmall.  I have reached out to the African Community Center of Denver (they support refugees in Denver and help them acclimate to American society), and they are excited to take part in the event.  They will be selling authentic African art and accessories made by women in Africa and the proceeds will go back to these women.  I have also reached out to other key people in the African community who are leaders and change-makers and they are excited to participate in the event.  However, due to the fact that these individuals are community leaders with nonprofits, they don’t have the capital to attend the event for free; they need accommodations for travel and their time.

In addition to the inspirational speakers and philanthropy, I will also make the event a retreat and an opportunity to explore the Denver area.  I have a ski resort trip planned because as an African, I’ve NEVER gone skiing and I would love to give others this unique opportunity.  There will also be networking events on the other nights. Here is the Eventbrite page for the event:  http://bit.ly/1Z5pEz8​.

There have been events for Congolese only, Ghanaians only, Nigerians only, Ethiopians only, etc. but rarely are there events where all Africans and those who care about Africa are invited to come together to not only have fun but also to build each other up.  This is the first year that I’m doing this event and I’m hoping it won’t be the last.  It will be beautiful to see what kind of connections, ideas and memories come from this event.

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