A day in the life of a little boy that is forced to deal with domestic issues over a father and a mother’s dysfunctional relationship. It will highlight on the effect on families dealing periods of time where functioning is impaired by stressful circumstances.

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Breakin’ – The Movie


Thank you for taking the time to view our project.

Breakin’  – The Movie is a short film about the day in the life of a little boy that is forced to deal with domestic issues over a father and a mother’s dysfunctional relationship.  It will highlight on the effect on families dealing with periods of time where functioning is impaired by stressful circumstances.

The main character is named Ali, a nine year old boy from Atlanta, Ga.

Our Intensions
In early September, our Atlanta-based team will in film in Atlanta on location for ten days. Planning is already well under way, and we have begun casting auditions certain roles. In mid-July our core team will scout scene locations and hold casting auditions for the remaining roles. After filming in September, post-production will begin and continue throughout October and November so we can submit to festivals Winter 2013.

What have we done so far?
As soon as we raise the money we need, we will go right to work. So far we have:

  • Written an amazing screenplay.
  • Scouted and found a great locations.
  • Pre-shot some footage on the location to make sure it looks perfect.
  • Developed a detailed budget and shooting schedule.
  • Begun casting the five roles in the film with some brilliant actors.

What will we do next?
Once we have received the funding, we will:

  • Finish casting (which we can only really do once we know when we can start filming)
  • Secure our location
Once the shoot is wrapped, we will lock ourselves in a dark room with all the footage and not leave until Breakin’ emerges looking as amazing as it does in our heads. This includes not only editing, but colour grading and audio mixing.

Once post-production is finished, Breakin’ – The Movie will be complete, and we will enter it into competition at some of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, including:

  • American Black Film Festival
  • African American Film Festival
  • Atlanta Film Festival
  • Cannes, The Short Film Corner
  • Sundance Film Festival

Who’s Involved?
When you’re making a film like this for the big screen, it involves expensive production equipment and a lot of people on set, and so every minute of shooting is precious.  Therefore I’m grateful to have some very experienced and talented people bringing their expertise to the project, to make the production run smoothly, to make the most beautiful immersive experience possible:

Director of Photography – Phoenix Clark
Producer – Jay McCoy
Art Director –Phoenix Clark 

How can you help?
In order to raise the remaining funds required to make this short film, the creative team produced and filmed the above trailer which is narrated by our very own Jay McCoy.

Funding film is a rewarding opportunity to not only invest in the art of telling stories through film, but to invest in the careers of its storytellers.

Directors, writers, producers, actors, cinematographers, editors and designers cannot tell these stories without capital.

If you love film, are passionate about telling challenging stories and if you are committed to helping cultivate the next generation of film artists, funding Breakin’ – The Movie is a great way to help.

The suggested donation amounts are only suggestions.  You can donate any amount you desire.  No donation is too small.

Each donation, no matter the amount, literally makes this film a reality.

For us, this is the ultimate collaboration and a testament to inspired community, one we are grateful you are a part of.

Other ways you can help.
Help is intangible, yet powerful.

Whether you contribute your hard-earned funds or not, there are other ways you can help us make this film:

Thank you for your time, commitment and support!

The Breakin’ – The Movie Team

I want to contribute!

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