PHASE TWO  We completed step 1 with; we need your help to continue what we started.  BUY BACK THE BLOCK! HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO BE A PART OF THE MOVEMENT. LET’S REDEVELOP A BLACK COMMUNITY! 24,500 sq. ft., Commercial building 11 retail units with offices/ apartments above. Dayton, OH 45405 MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We […]


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Buy Back The Block: Invest In Commercial Real Estate With Your Peers


We completed step 1 with; we need your help to continue what we started. 




24,500 sq. ft., Commercial building 11 retail units with offices/ apartments above.

Dayton, OH 45405


We purchased the building,  here is a plan to complete the rehab 24,500 sq.ft.

Rebuild, rehab, open 11 businesses,  several office spaces, host a block party and hold for ten years. 

Here are some potential businesses:

Nail Spa, Sneaker Store, Rooftop Restaurant, Grocery Store, Tech Company, Furniture Store, Clinic and more.

80 Members so far! Thank you!

We need over 1,000+ contributors to pull this off!

Choose a level and click “I want to contribute“! 

Black or African-American population 60,705  / 42% (based on 2010 census)


Pooling Black Dollars

We’re spearheading our next MAJOR move with Buy Back The Block movement, which will consist of over 1000 individuals raising over $1 million to Buy The Block. As a result, the facility will become 100% owned by the community members who support it. Construction will begin in April 2018, with a $600 thousand renovation that includes 11 retail spaces, office space and apartments. The development plans to reopen in June 2019 as a retail building for the Dayton, Oh community.

Before converting it to a retail building, the 87-year-old building is sitting empty. Once this door of opportunity opens up, it will allow those of us who are conscious about legacy and generational wealth to say, ‘What are we going to do differently?’ Buying Commercial Properties is next phase in the exciting journey.

Lynn, who is leading the charge for Buying Back The Block is targeting, educating, qualifying, and coordinating the efforts to attract African Americans into real estate investment. “I started doing some research on commercial real estate ownership and found that in our country, the average net worth for African Americans is $6,000 compared to $120,000 for whites,” “I couldn’t find virtually any African Americans who owned commercial property in downtown Dayton, Oh. We have a chance to redevelop a building, an important property in our urban core.”

While the world of commercial real estate continues to be “dominated by wealthy white our efforts will demonstrate how our capital can be applied to the commercial real estate sector.

Lynn P. President/Founder of Buy The Block and more…

Join The Movement!

SOLUTIONS: BuyBackTheBlock  

Buy  Back The Block and Stop Gentrification.

The vision we all share at BuyBackTheBlock is to change investing from confusing and frustrating, to an accessible and enjoyable social experience. This is not what is currently obtainable, and as such we want to create a new generation of connected investors who feel informed, empowered, and confident.

We believe the current options aren’t meeting the expectations of the next generation. We are developing an accessible, collaborative, friendly and fun investing environment for both new and experienced investors. Our efforts provide a seamless and secure solution that empowers people to spend together in a way that has never happened till now.

Your contribution will help us complete the purchase of this property, rehab and host the block party. Also, it will help you buy a piece of your first block! Incredible to hear, but true.


  • The property is a two-story building with 11 retail units fronting N Main street, the main road leading to Downtown Dayton which is only about 1.5 miles away.
  • The retails units cover the whole of the first floor of the building and have store windows at the front facing the Main Street and access to the parking lot at the back for goods delivery and parking.
  • The upper floor has about 12,250 sq ft and is currently laid out as offices and one apartment.
  • The property has a large basement.
  • The brick building is situated on a corner lot and has several architectural features.
  • Potential for conversion of the upper floor into apartments.
  • Property condition: The property needs rehab to get ready for renting. Some units require little work mostly cleaning and painting and some repairs, while others need more work, with drywall and ceiling repairs.
  • The plumbing and electrics are working in most units, and the water and electrics are connected.
  • Some storefronts need little work to rent out, and as each store is separate, the rehab may be planned so work can concentrate on the units that require the least work to start getting cash flow from renting them out.
  • Location: The property is very close to the center of Dayton and all amenities; it has a long frontage on Main St, one of the mains gateways into Downtown Dayton which is only about 1.5 miles away from the property, making this location very convenient to anyone who works in Downtown Dayton.
  • Today the city offers many great attractions and historical sites, fantastic arts venues, a thriving Downtown, beautiful parks, a variety of sporting sites and fabulous shopping and dining.
  • The property has easy access from Interstate 75, Salem Avenue and from Downtown through Main Street.
    PROPERTY IS SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS- with clear title.

What is a Block Party?

Neighborhood block parties are a fun way to meet neighbors, build friendships, and develop a sense of belonging and security among residents.

We will be shutting down to traffic, and block off the road for the first annual neighborhood block party. Aside from all the fun, we’ll have, BTB members will have full access to become vendors, sponsors and promote their brand in the most massive street festival. We look forward to meeting you and helping us increase educating our community about impact development and investing.

Choose ‘I’m Joining The Block Party Business Sponsorship’ to sponsor and join.


1. What other obligations will BlockVestor have to cover?  

A: There are no additional requirements. We need 1000+ contributors to rehab and cover expenses for the first fiscal year of operation.

2. How many total donors are currently involved with BTBCH? And where is the property located?

A: This is new development so the number of contributors will determine the number of members.  This property is located in Dayton, OH and is purchased.

3. Do you have any intentions of increasing the size of your board?  

A: No, we do not currently have board members for BTBCH. 

4. Why this property and this area?

A: Dayton, OH 24,500 sq ft Mixed commercial building near Downtown Dayton on 0.78 acres – Gross Income potential over $182,000/ year. It has 11 retail units on the main street with offices/ apartments above. The property features a large parking area at the back and is located on a major road in Dayton.

5. Will this be on a national level, or localized?

A: Anyone from any city and state can join, pool funds to purchase real-estate.

6. Please elaborate on how many investors you are looking to finance the multi-unit property featured? How much is the property?

A: We need at least 1000 members for this property we group purchase.  We purchased for $100,000, and rehab is over $650,000. When we do this correctly, we can hold for ten years and potentially sell it for close to $2,000,000.00.

7. Is there any way I can reach you via phone?

A:  Yes, we can be reached during business hours 7:30 am to 4:30 pm mountain time Monday-Friday. Please visit any of our websites below for the number to text, call or email us.

8. I reside in Canada, can I still participate? If so, do I need to do anything extra than what’s listed on the site?

A: Anyone can participate from anywhere in the world. There is a limit to the number of times you can contribute to any property.

9. I would like to find out how I can become a preferred contractor for this development?

A: All our contracts will be provided on a request for proposal basis. Each company would have to submit their bid or proposal for each property.  Please visit any of our websites to ask about submitting a proposal.

10. I would like to be a part of buying the block, especially in Detroit how I can join?

A: Yes, Click “I want to contribute.” First, we will need to fund this project entirely, once we are fully supported, we will hit the ground running. It will take about two years to complete the purchase and begin development fully.

11. Once you purchase the package the first time, do you make that payment monthly, or only when you want to increase your percentage of ownership?

A:  For this property, you only contribute one-time, you can choose to participate in other projects at a later date or even add more, but it’s not a required. The breakdown is as follows, for all members including Gold, Bronze, and Platinum who helped during the campaign 9/46/5/10/30 (9% property, 46% rehab, 5% fees, 10% perks, 30% other expenses development and organizational structure).

12. The property, is it already purchases or will be once the goal of 1000 packages is sold?

A: We purchased the property in question, we need to start rehabbing and get fully rented officially. We at least need 1000 members to complete rehab, cover 1st-year expenses for this property and host the block party.

13. Do I get to meet the other block-holders?

A: Yes, we will have bi-weekly and monthly webinars, local events and much more for everyone to get better acquainted.

14. Do the BlockVestors get detailed financial reports on the properties?

A:  Absolutely!  Every single expense and other financial information about each property will be recorded and uploaded for contributors to review via a private portal.

15. Is this a scam? I put my money in other things before, and nothing happened.

A:  This campaign is set an under the crowdfunding guidelines if the property does not reach its desired funding goal you get 100% of your funds returned to you. We are not in this to ruin our credibility or damage everything we have done for the black community until now. Join a movement bigger than yourself; you won’t regret it.

16. I’m interested in contributing, but I am scared.

A:  Quoting Will Smith, “what happens is we make situations more complicated because we’re looking for complexity; it can’t be that easy.” Yes, it can!

17. I contributed to this campaign and other in the past. Can you tell me the next step in the process?

A:  We have to wait for the campaign to end or reach the full goal, once that happens, we will gather all the information provided to us by and move it over to a private portal. All contributors including gold, bronze and platinum members will be the first to receive email communication directly from us keeping them updated on what they need to do next. Once the campaign ends, we ask that you give us one to two year to complete everything. We will also keep you informed about our progress with this specific property every step of the way.

Development Fund Breakdown




  Our first milestone was $100,000 & we did it! 

We developed a brand new website for our community to invest together. We also created an app. Also, we created five jobs, and now we move on to the next phase.



We have 453+ Members and growing every day.

Now we start the next phase of our efforts.

  Click {I Want Contribute}!

Thank you for considering round two of our efforts to Buy Back The Block with our peers! 


Some people just can’t contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help. So even if you love this idea but lack the resources to pledge to its success, there are some other ways you can use to ensure this.

You can win a gift by spreading the word!

                           Please, use your social might! Tweet about us, like us on Facebook, or write a blog post!

You are more famous and more talented than you could ever know! Thanks for helping us get the word out.

  • It’ll be a real help to this campaign and me if you share the information with friends on social media –Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. This will draw a crowd of fellow passionate persons that can do what you might not.
  • Word of mouth publicity is also equally valid.
  • Talking about it and sharing the link with friends, family, and co-worker will jumpstart this campaign and ensure its success.
  • You are more famous and more talented than you could ever know! Thanks for helping us get the word out.


Thanks in advance for your attention and consideration. We need your help to achieve this goal and make it a reality! Your help and support are essential to make that purpose come to reality!

Your contribution will help us purchase the building, rehab, host the block party and open for business. Also, help you buy a piece of your first block. Alternatively, you can contribute to help us create meaningful careers for our communities.

We’ve successfully created an investment group BBEIG, as well as other noteworthy initiatives (  & we will continue to empower you to do the same!

Thank you for your contribution! Click ‘I want to contribute’ to make a difference.

              Don’t forget to get the word out to friends by sharing it—remember sharing is caring.





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