According to the BLS, African Americans experienced an unemployment rate of 10.2 percent in May, up from 9.6 percent in April. Meanwhile, the national average was 5.5 percent in May with whites experiencing an unemployment rate of 4.7 percent. Development Shop in a Box hasa plan to do something about this.


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Decrease Black Unemployment Rates in America


Development Shop in a Box is launching a piloted national campaign in 10 metropolitan areas where black unemployment is rising, according to the Economic Policy Institute:

Dallas, Texas

Baltimore, Maryland

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

San Francisco, California

Cleveland, Ohio

Las Vegas, Nevada

Jackson, Mississippi

Detroit, Michigan

Charlotte, North Carolina

Los Angeles, California

Our goal at Development Shop in a Box is to assist individuals in achieving specific goals to meet specific needs. We propose the following services offered to individuals in these cities best suited for them. Our services will include:

Independent Living Skills Instruction – offering life skills training and assistance to individuals in obtaining and maintaining self-sufficiency.

Pre-Vocational Training – offering soft skills training and vocational skills required to become a responsible employee.

Situational Assessments– offering opportunities to sample several jobs and careers of interest to make a more informed decision regarding individual career path.

Job Development – offering help with exploring open career opportunities and providing assistance from application prep to interview prep.

Job Coaching and Training – offering assistance with learning new positions, new tasks, communicating with supervisors, securing transportation, learning employers’ rules, and adjusting to new responsibilities with new job.

Follow-Along Services – offering job monitoring and tracking opportunities to discuss and resolve any HR-related issues or changes with the job.

Transition Services – offering assistance with bridging the gap between the classroom or training program to the workplace, and provide accommodations for achieving independence and success in employment.

Medicaid Services – offer assistance in utilizing Medicaid waivers to help individuals reach goals of employment.

NEEDS: To implement these services in these communities, we need 10 Planning Directors to represent each state to oversee this initiative in their area. Each Planning Director will form local and state-level advisory groups and a Business Advisory Council with the help of Development Shop in a Box. Stakeholders of these groups will include:

Representatives from DOL, RSA, Medicaid, and SSA that would be already invested in this initiative;

Representatives from the Chamber of Commerce or other business associations;

Leadership from implementing agencies;

Representatives from consumer and state family advocacy organizations. We will meet once a month for the first year, once every 2 months for the second year, and quarterly for the third year. To decrease these Black unemployment rates, we need to work together cohesively to raise funds privately, and publicly from sources including the Rehabilitation Services Administration or Vocational Rehabilitation, Division of Mental Health, and Medicaid. We need to work with leaders from state agencies representing these cities to develop a mechanism to pool monies that can be reimbursed into the above services.

Development Shop in a Box’s overall goal is to have at least one paid Employment Specialist in each target city with a caseload of at least 25 clients providing the above vocational services. The initial funds we need would cover operational costs associated with marketing, office administration, and meeting scheduling.

Development Shop in a Box, LLC focuses on aligning individuals and communities to products and services that best fit their needs.

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