DMV BLACK BUSINESS DIRECTORY: Think of it as the yellow pages for black businesses in the DC, MD and VA area!!!
Remember when the yellow pages was delivered to your front door. Well, we want to deliver the DMV Black Business Directory to every African American household in the DMV!
We need your support in getting the directory published and in the hands of every black community!


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DMV Black Business Directory

DMV BLACK BUSINESS DIRECTORY: Think of it as the yellow pages for black businesses in DC, MD and VA!!!

We are working on publishing our directory and need your support to make this happen.

As a business owner I understand the difficulty my fellow start-up business owners face when it comes to marketing their business on a tight budget, or no budget at all! This directory will provide a platform that will allow businesses to list their company for free with the intent of bridging the gap between African American consumers and businesses. Very few know of black businesses they can support because they are unaware of where they are located.

As I travel this road to helping my fellow business owners generate revenue, I hope you join this journey with me providing a directory that will allow business owners the opportunity to expand their business in  tremendous ways. The best way to do that to is create a platform that allows these business owners the opportunity to market without the hefty expense. Many times start-up companies in our community start with very little capital. Which leads to not having the necessary budget to invest in marketing. The DMV Black Business Directory will provide those companies the marketing alternative they can use.

The DMV Black Business Directory Incorporated’s mission is to provide a directory for black owned businesses in DC, MD and VA. Contract negotiation is in the works with a publishing company and we need your support to make this happen!


Please help us spread the word using #dmvblackbusinessdirectory also follow us on Twitter @dmvbbd



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