Join LaShon’s Voice Acting Micro University on this crusade to help millions learn a new skill or trade!! 


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Hi! My name is LaShon and I am a Voice actress! I have been in the voice acting arena for almost 5 years and have done projects both nationally and internationally- but guess what?? I am self-taught!  I learned how to use my voice acting as a part-time job and even supplement my income- and I want to teach others how to do this FOR FREE in just 90 days!

If people (or you) think you can\’t become a voice actor or actress because you don\’t sound a certain way- THINK AGAIN. There is a vast market for hundreds of different voices and skill levels. LVAMU will prime the most unlearned student with the basics and confidence to dive into the voice acting arena and explore this opportunity like never before.

Students will learn topics to include but not limited to:  

  • Industry vocabulary
  • How to find your genre  
  • How to create a rate card 
  • How to edit with the most basic equipment how to get in front of those who will pay you to speak for them! 
  • How to extract the best qualities from their unique sound and learn to get comfortable recording almost immediately!

LVAMU’s funding goal of $4000 will help complete the following 

  •  Launch a more sophisticated website to enhance end-user experience 
  • Create an easy and secure enrollment process 
  • Build a dedicated app so students can learn study and practice on the go 
  • Begin application and research for possible accreditation
  • Funding will create the ability to launch marketing packages online as well as offline to give to students work at home moms and dads or anyone else interested all age levels (with parent permission of course) and give them the opportunity to learn a new skill absolutely free! and
  •  If we make a stretch goal target of 5k or more provide free equipment to students currently enrolled in other schools 
  • And translate to other languages!

 LVAMU is NOT a non-profit and while learning voice acting will be FREE- to generate an ongoing income LVAMU will provide other products and services to students who want to explore additional opportunities or enhance their equipment before during or after the 90-day class! 

Join LaShon’s Voice Acting Micro University on this crusade to help millions learn a new skill or trade!! 

As a reward- receive a heartfelt personalized thanks via email because every dollar counts! Take a journey through my classes as a reward, or if you are in need of a voiceover for your own crowdfunding or other projects, help fund my goal and I will provide you with a 30-60 second voice over from myself personally, or from my pool of talent at the end of class. create a banner ad for the LVAMU website and if successfully funded, your clickable banner will be seen by thousands for a whole year! 

The best thing about voice acting as a trade skill is that with the right equipment you or anyone can do it from the comfort of your own home! And you never know! Your voice can be heard by the right person where you can even secure long-term contracts for high-end recruiters and studios. The possibilities are endless!

Thank you in advance for helping to fund LVAMU where our goal is to take voice acting to the world FREE and diversify voice acting for all who are willing to learn!  


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