“Salon Favor’s One Stop Shop Beauty Supply Healing Suites”


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Imagine this? My vision, as a CREATIVE BEING, is to begin creating franchises titled: One Stop Shop Beauty Supply and Healing Suites. These franchises are to contain products and accessories manufactured and distributed by African-Americans. One of the positive movements forward in the beauty industry would be for them to become entrepreneurs in the operation of Private Salon Healing Suites to service the Body, Mind and Soul, ALL under ONE roof in urban communities. The goal would be to address the veil of economic disparity and economic oppression within poor communities. By having beauty salon industry business owners help THEMSELVES, we can begin the move from being just workers or consumers to being healers, producers, innovators and contributors of our community and society.

The plan also includes a training facility to develop the skills, knowledge, tools, mental capacity and professionalism needed for the beauty and barber industry to excel in the various aspects of this new discovery of a healing industry. It is well known that in order to change a person’s behavior or to ignite their gifting, you must first change their thinking, thereby expanding thoughts and abilities.

The spaces/shops will include individual Salon suites equipped with equipment and atmospheric accessories to produce the healing & environment. As a Healer, understand what exactly you are TOUCHING. We are physical beings having human experiences. The physical body is a vehicle to move and operate in this Earthly realm. The human body is a combination of organs, blood, vessels, cells, your Spirit (which is your true self) and ENERGY. The location of the Crown (head) Chakra (energy space between body and spirit), is at the crown of the head, the location of our soft spot as an infant. The Crown Chakra governs Cosmic Consciousness- that is our connection to spiritual wisdom and truth. Our hands massage the HEAD/Crown Chakra which stimulates blood flow to the energy space of the scalp to the brain. Having the ability to activate one’s brain energy flow to POSITIVE, HEALING flow of energy, is a GIFT. This is a major responsibility as a Cosmetologist! Did you know that your hair is an antenna that transmits and receives thoughts outside of your 5 senses? It carries energy of vibrations within each strand, holding information about an individual’s spirit and is often transferred through the power of touch. Because of its connection to the head or Crown Chakra (energy space between the spirit and physical body), it is sensitive and can hold vital links to spiritual wisdom, knowledge and even healing.”~Entire excerpt from  “Healing Cosmetologist” By Nicole Lee  Copyright © 2015 Nicole Lee.

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