Pom Pom Lip Lips – Natural Hair, Poppin’ Lips, BIG DREAMS!


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Pom Pom Lip Lips


Pom Pom Lip Lips is a doll brand conceived by a team of young creatives and entrepreneurs, known collectively as Ujamaa Collaborative.  These under 19-year-olds want to eventually run an entire Black-owned toy company, empowering young Black children everywhere.  Inspired after learning that the honorable Marcus Garvey, himself, started a Black doll company to promote a love for our skin and our features amongst the smallest of us, they chose to start with these adorable 5.3-inch tall dolls.

The team has been involved in all aspects of the process of creating the doll, from coming up with the story of the dolls to envisioning what they will look like, from working with the manufacturers with prototyping, to choosing and re-choosing and color matching Pantone colors, fabric design and creation, clothes design, hair texture and quality selection, hairstyle design, prototype wig making, budgeting, and crowdfunding preparation, safety considerations, and social media management.

Original design drawing for the four dolls.

The team went through several mud sample prototypes as we worked to get the doll as close to our vision as possible.


Color matching with Pantone colors for skin

Hard Prototype


Hard prototype with wig and accessory prototypes.




The next phase of getting the first doll produced is to get a soft vinyl prototype with the actual hair sewn into her scalp and clothes.  This first phase of crowdfunding is to pay for that. Once that is received, the team plans to run an even bigger crowdfunding campaign after creating a captivating and convincing video to go along with it.



Please help these young entrepreneurs on their mission to empower young Black girls.  The message behind the dolls is twofold – not only are they encouraging young Black girls to love their features, and thus themselves, but also to realize that we come in all shades of beautiful brown, all equally beautiful, all equally Black. The empowerment does not stop there, though, because the Pom Pom Lip Lip dolls are young entrepreneurs themselves!  Each girl will come with 4 accessories related to her business and her likes. Lexi, the first doll, makes and sells her own lip balm products.  The other dolls’ businesses range from baking to app design to fashion.  Additional business venture sets will be sold at a later date to include a number of other accessories for businesses to inspire a dialogue of business ownership in our young Black community.  The website’s blog will also be a valuable resource for kid-friendly information on running your own business.



Your support is greatly appreciated.






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