Ujamaa (oo-JAH-mah) Cooperative Economics
“To build our own businesses, control the economics of our own community and share in all its work and wealth.”


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Ujamaa Investment Circle (Round II)

Greetings Ujamaa Investors, We welcome you to our investment circle!

We are not looking for charity, We are seeking investors who want to contribute to a community that builds, supports, and maintains our own businesses and institutions. We are looking for committed investors in this ongoing process.

January 11th 2016 until April 9th 2016 13 weeks/90 days (Campaign began)

April 10 until May 9th  (30 days rounds will begin)

May 10th until June 9th (round IV will begin)

May 25th 2016 (1st investment installment)

We chose African Liberation Day because it symbolizes our collective economic freedom and will be our inspiration towards practicing the principle of Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics)!

Payment Outline

January 11th-April 9th (Three $35 payments)  $105

April 10th-May 9th -$35

May 10th-June 9th-$35

May 25th -$50

June 10th-July 9th-$35

July 10th-August 8th-$35

August 9th-September 7th-$35

September 8th-October 7th -$35

October 8th-November 6th-$35

November 7th-December 6th-$35

December 7th-January 5th-$35

January 6th-April 4th -(Three $35 payments) $105

Year 2 Begins!!!

We ask that each member considers joining our online Nguzo Saba Challenge 2016, click on the link below to join. Rotation payouts will be done by random selection for the purpose of finding the order, all members joining after will join the bottom of the list.

Once 1st circle meets its capacity of 21 investors we will begin a new circle. Our goal is 10 circles of 11 or more investors by January 2017! We ask that our circle winner’s contribute $50 or more each rotation toward our investment account!

We will repeat the same process January 2017 ! January 2018 we will begin our first Ujamaa 365 all investors will contribute $35 per month. Those funds will go into an investment account where all members will submit investment proposals with set requirements agreed upon by the investors January 2019-May 24th 2019.

We will then cast our votes Saturday, May 25th 2019 African Liberation Day where we will celebrate our first collective investment initiative!

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