Have you ever had one of those days, where you asked yourself “Why am I here?” Many times in life, we lose our way. Or, we just feel as if we do not know why we were put here on Earth. So we spend days, weeks, months and years on a journey that often times leads us to nowhere. And after being on a search that leads to nowhere, you give up and then you learn to live a life being complacent….
This conference is your chance to regain control of your Purpose and start living your life on Purpose! There will be brainstorming sessions, finance session, and a live teaching on how to “Re-Define Your Purpose”
“Arlean’s Round Table” will consist of a discussion panelist with a wealth of knowledge within their respected careers fields to help women to live a more purposeful life. Business tips and strategies will be provided to get women ready for the next level of success.


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YES! Women on the Rise

Arlean's Round Table Flyer

Welcome to #arleansroundtable

Our round table discussion allows us to have a more worthy and personal way of discussing differing opinions. For topics warranting more time and care, #arleansroundtable remind us that behind every opinion is a human with feelings, a face with a background, and a soul worth listening to.

No Discussion is OFF Limits!

This year we wanted to include #arleansroundtable at the this year’s conference, for the simple fact its NEEDED!
Often times we register to attend events and still leave empty. We still feel like the real questions did not get answered and they DON’T! Sometimes its all fluff or its just work and it will pay off. Or Hustle all day.
But no one is not answering our questions. No one is not pouring back into others to help them grow.
We have brought in some amazing talent that knows what it takes to be successful and stay successful. And they are here to help you Brand yourself and your business on Purpose!
There are millions of questions that need answering.  But they cannot get answer because people don’t have the access to the women entrepreneurs who have successfully built a name for themselves.




Key Note Speaker

Public Relations & Business Strategist
Through landing opportunities with Atlantic Records and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Lillie Mae established a keen interest in Public Relations while completing a Bachelors degree at UNC Chapel Hill. She now manages a diverse portfolio as President of Lillie Mae Public Relations. Her efforts have extended nationally for client placements with USA Today, People Magazine, Uptown Magazine and Yahoo News to name a few. She’s also spoken on numerous panels and partnered with the Microsoft Atlanta store to produce an educational workshop series entitled “PR Power UP”.
In addition to her extensive work in PR, Lillie Mae has launched the Glambitious Network to encourage entrepreneurship among women around the country and celebrated two Amazon book releases: The PR Code: A Public Relations How­To Guide & Glambitious: How to Live Vicariously Through Yourself. She has also personally been featured with Black Enterprise, RollingOut.com, The Examiner, ATL & Company, Uptown Magazine and NStyleAtlanta.com for her PR efforts and business savvy.

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