Careers for Crowdfunding Experts

We are growing at a phenomenal rate and comfortably lead the market – we’re three times bigger than our nearest competitor and have raised more money than the rest of the market combined. We’re launching more platforms and in order to truly make our mark in the industry, we need a team!

Please consider joining BBNomics Careers for Crowdfunding Experts, which is now actively seeking to fill the Crowdfunding positions listed below:

Wherever you are located, we believe in the benefits of work-life balance.

  1. New Business Development Mgr.
  2. Public Relations Mgr.
  3. Media Relations Mgr.
  4. Investor Relations Mgr.
  5. Industry Analyst Relations Mgr.
  6. Fundraising Campaign Mgr.
  7. Crowdfunding Escrow Mgr.
  8. Broker/Dealer Director Mgr.
  9. Crowdfunding Campaign  Mgr.
  10. Perks/Promotional Items Mgr.
  11. SEC Compliance Mgr.
  12. Social Media Mgr.
  13. SEO Digital Content Mgr.
  14. Database Marketing Mgr.
  15. Financial Data Mining Mgr.
  16. Information Technology Mgr.
  17. Legal Counsel Mgr.
  18. Human Resources Mgr.
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