Crowdfunding and Inbound Marketing


What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a compound word and if you don’t build an excited and engaged crowd you will not get any funding. Crowdfunding is essentially inbound marketing attached to an accounting function. Crowdfunding is a very prower global funding and marketing mechanism that has infused the global economy with before unknow capital for projects and businesses.

I am going to talk about the technology driven world we live in that places the power of brand engagement squarely in the hands of the donor/ investor. Selective consumption is the ability of donors/investors to engage or consume information from a brand when, where and on what device they chose to engage any brand.

Inbound Marketing

This new power relationship is driven by social media, which means that brands today MUST be present when and where donors/investors chose to engage them. According to Hubspot 80% of consumers (investors) would rather be engaged by a series of informational articles than an advertisement.

The basic a premiss of inbound marketing is to be present when and where investors are and to provide the information they want to consume. How that tasks is accomplished is precisely what this post is all about.

Inbound Methodology

Inbound marketing is about sharing high quality information that is relevant to consumers and creating content specifically designed to appeal to your ideal customers, your best prospects will come to you. The question is how will the find you? The content acts as a magnet, or beacon, to capture your prospects’ attention so your potential donors/investors come to you.

The four step of the inbound methodology are:

  1. Attract- this is where you attract visitors to your website
  2. Convert – capture the information of visitors and make them leads
  3. Close – make the leads into investors
  4. Investors relations and community management through engagement

Key Takeaways

In future post we will delve deeper into each aspect of inbound marketing for crowdinvesting and how to implement the methodology as the most effective and efficient method of building an engaged and excited organic crowd.

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