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Twitter is a potent tool for promoting your crowdfunding campaign. Twitter allows you to implement a #Hashtag strategy that provides your crowdfunding campaign with the ability to create an identification on the platform. This Hashtag identification enhances your campaigns ability to engage with the hundreds of millions of Twitter users on the platform who can become part of your audience. Using tweets, and retweets, like the sparks that ignite the interest of others, you’ll be able to personalize your crowdfunding campaign, tell your story, and enlist the benefit of others who share your goals.


Twitter is a great place to engage with your audience and keep them up to date on all of your latest adventures, and it provides a fun, laid-back atmosphere–the perfect venue for building an exciting and dynamic brand. Storytelling is an essential aspect of any crowdfunding campaign. The goal is to create a campaign brand that resonates with your audience–and to do that; it is critical that your name tells a story. A flat, one-dimensional label doesn’t give an audience any reason to pay attention. Telling your story and letting your brand evolve will naturally generate interest in your campaign brand.


Twitter is a great place to engage with your audience and keep them up to date on all of your latest adventures. Twitter provides a fun, laid-back atmosphere, so it’s the perfect venue for building an exciting and dynamic brand.  Always allow your followers to be a part of your campaigns ongoing experience by letting your followers know what you are up to many times a day if it drives the campaign narrative.


Your Twitter profile should not be all business, and in fact, it is much easier for your audience to truly connect with you when they perceive you as a “real” person. Tweet about your family, your hobbies, your opinions… don’t be afraid to open up a bit. The more you share your life on Twitter, the better your audience will feel that they know you. And the more they know about you, the more likely they are to support your campaign with dollars.


The most overlooked concept when it comes to branding on Twitter is that interaction is critical. Too many business owners treat Twitter like a bulletin board–they log on a couple of times each week, post something, and then leave. But as you know from real-life experience, it is hard to connect with someone who won’t interact with you. Take the time to respond to your followers; your profile will become a much livelier and inviting place. And when your audience is paying attention, you can tell your story much more efficiently.


When developing the all-important Hashtag on Twitter make sure that you do some research on hashtags that will be relevant to yours and your campaign that will enhance your campaign’s visibility which will foster a broader community and more re-tweets. When you send out tweets, don’t forget “#” the words and phrases that are connected to your crowdfunding campaign so that people can find you. Make sure you are judicious in your use of the #tags to ensure that your messages don’t come across as spam.


Check out the rest of Twitter using hashtags to ensure a relevant search to find out if someone is involved in a similar project to yours. Then determine your role in that conversation. Should you join in or should you be the one to get conversational? Their audience might be your audience. Make use of the connective tissue of Twitter hashtags to build a network of like-minded people, starting with the people you know. They may share some of your views; can you encourage them to share your vision?


Your followers need to understand why you’ve decided to launch this crowdfunding campaign. What do you intend to do with the money and the business you are beginning? Let them know why you’re the one who can do it, and what happens when they help you achieve your goal. Let your voice be heard. Your Twitter followers need to feel that they know you, and they can best do that if you convey a personal sense of yourself. Don’t be afraid to stir things up in the Twitterverse through transparency and thought leadership make it personal and make it real for you and your followers. One way to excite and engage your followers is to ask questions. Questions are irresistible, and people love to answer them.


Tweets with 100 characters or less are 17 percent more likely to get noticed than longer tweets. When tweeting be brief, succinct, and memorable. When using Twitter for crowdfunding remember your goal is to excite and engage your followers and to spread your campaign reach, so a couple of tips at the end of each tweet, please ask your followers to “Please Retweet” spelling out “Please Retweet” increases the retweet rate by a factor of 23 times. Always leave space for your @Username and the “Please Retweet” and leave 25 characters of free space at the end of each tweet.


Twitter is a dynamic and engaging mechanism for building your crowdfunding community that will support your campaign. Twitter provides a way to reach out, excite, engage and make a city with the ability to test and measure your success at the same time. Twitter also provides the ability to engage with influencers and bloggers. These people already have developed trust based transparent relationships with large numbers of people on Twitter, and you can tap into that community through Influencer Marketing.  It is not easy to build the relationships once you do over time you will understand the power of influencers.

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