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Entrepreneur Making Global Impact with First Ever African Inspired Home Decor Business


The home décor industry has gone through loads of changes in the last couple of years. Despite the recent economic downturn, its market growth has shown no signs of slowing down.

From the emergence of brands like Ballard Designs, C&B, and Anthropologie, not forgetting heaps of other global materials that have found their way into people’s homes, now the latest development in the home décor business involves the use of African prints and designs for homes., based in Miami, Florida, is the new pacesetter.

Owned by savvy entrepreneur Jojo, is a first of its kind African Decor Business that is dedicated towards restoring the rich cultural heritage of African designs to homes, as well as adding the beauty of African ‘colors’ to the everyday life of African Americans.

Renowned as a provider of unique home décor services, their products which covers the; Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room, Dining Room and Bedroom Essentials, is quickly becoming a favorite for conscious African-Americans in the USA, Caribbean and even the United Kingdom.

“After taking a careful look at what was already available in the home décor industry, I decided to produce an enviable line of product offerings that would make an impact, and which everyone could have 100% confidence in,” Jojo explains.
The company has created an innovative distribution channel by selling direct to wholesalers and retailers via their website. It is noteworthy to mention that most orders placed by 1pm are shipped on the same day.

Additionally, the wholesale program features a low-cost system for other entrepreneurs to get involved in a fast growing business. They also have an affiliate program where affiliates can earn as high as 20%-40% commission on any sale they refer, which can add up fast.

“We’re helping to empower organizations in the community with our specialty items, which in turn generates income and pride back to the community,” says Jojo.
“I’ve had calls from all over; US, Canada and the Caribbean. Plus, the website has received requests from England, and loads of other European countries,” Jojo explains.

The company’s African print designs are available globally through the website and from authorized wholesalers. “I bought one a while back, my mom took it from me. They’re excellent material and the big pockets are very useful. Very satisfied with the purchase, now I just need to get another for myself again,” says Princess Dixon, one of their numerous satisfied customers.

Always on the cutting edge, has a new line of Bath, Bedding, Kitchen Essentials and Home Decor that would be released and available for purchase very soon. To learn more about their line of products visit

About Us
“Home is Home! Small batch manufacturing and distribution of African print designs for your home as well as everyday life.

LaKay Designs is a way for you to jazz up your home or business with gorgeous unique one of kind pieces. Our African print fabrics have the capacity to inspire the most intriguing conversation. Our designs set the tone for your culture.
We know YOU’RE different; you set your own standard! Show off your unique style with LaKay. LaKay means ‘Home’ in Haitian Creole. Support black business.”
To know more about Lakay Designs, visit –

Lakay 032

Jojo Pierre
Tel: 513-873-9255

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