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Fifth Ward Had The Sauce and Lyons Ave Had a Thriving Black Business District. That’s Why We’re Buying Back The Block

Christopher Senegal like so many Americans pursued the traditional path of going to school and getting their college degree so that they could enter the workforce with a professional position, enter the middle class, buy a home and get a nice car. That is exactly the path Christopher followed to success, but there was always an internal gnawing that made him question the direction that he had chosen. What was driving him was an internal desire to become an entrepreneur and make his money get and job and work as hard for him as he worked to make that money as an employee corporate America in the traditional economy with a long career of working for someone else and then retire with the money he could save and invest.

His first foray into the business world was as a day trader in an industry that was quickly being driven by the marriage of emerging information technology and the stock market. This new world of stock investing through technology was exciting, but he was averse to the high level of market volatility that sent many traders back to their traditional careers much faster and more often than it made them multi-millionaires. He began to look form more stable and lucrative investments. He found himself looking into real estate, which after all had historically created more millionaires than any other type of investment.

He began to learn the real estate industry he was driven by a passion for the flip and rent model of real estate investing. He found early success and discovered his niche investing in disinvested communities and providing high-quality housing in neighborhoods that had traditionally been excluded from development for decades. He quickly discovered that there was a lucrative market in finding and developing these diamonds in rough communities. He took the entrepreneurial leap and created his first real estate development company.

Christopher’s first step in the real estate industry was to create Invictus Properties and Holding a buy, fix, and rent real estate company with properties in Houston, TX, and Memphis, TN.  My desire to create more impactful changes in the community was the catalyst for Invictus Development Group. IDG focuses on large multi-family and mixed-use projects that bring market-rate housing and jobs into areas that are primed for revitalization. Taking this desire to the next level by bringing business and investment opportunities to the disinvested communities has led me to a new platform and business model for real estate investment.

Christopher had taken his real estate investment model to Buy the Block to raise capital and provide the opportunity for people from the communities that are being developed to invest and play the role of real estate investor. This opportunity allows anyone over 18 to invest in a historically black neighborhood that is revitalizing with or without us.  It also serves the purpose of allowing those that have few housing options to stay in their existing homes. We can prevent them from being casualties of the normal gentrification narrative. By taking over this portfolio of property from retiring landlords, we prevent it from being sold to someone who’s sole intent is to remove the tenants, then build high dollar real estate.

Buy The Block with Chris:

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