Influencer Marketing on Twitter


Influencer/Blogging marketing involves a collaboration between crowdfunding campaigns and a select number of experts in a relevant field who have a large following on social media specifically Twitter for this post. Influencer marketing distinguishes individuals who have a significant influence on a potential group customer. When the right influencers endorse your product or brand, it can create a huge impact!

The way audiences interact with content continues to shift, making influencer/blogger marketing an even more effective and efficient model to exciting and engaging your crowd. Millennials purchase based on endorsements, reviews and ultimately trust. They view authenticity as one of the most, if not the most, essential elements of purchasing. For example, 33% of millennials read blogs and expert reviews before buying a product, so it makes sense for crowdfunding campaigns to highlight these expert opinions.

A quick review of your Twitter feed will show that people don’t always flock to companies for information about their products and services. Instead, they’re seeking influencers – popular, personable, and independent content creators who aren’t afraid to share opinions on social media. More than 90% of consumers trust earned press – characterized as word-of-mouth and recommendations from trustworthy sources – more than all other types of advertising

As founders building crowd investing campaigns how do we harness the power of earned media through Twitter influencers/bloggers to build our engaged and excited group of investors. These are the steps we use to tap the influencer/blogger marketing on Twitter


  1. Expand brand awareness- Influencers have the power to rapidly increase your brand awareness because they have an established and engaged audience.
  2. Generate leads – A simple way to implement influencers into your marketing plans is to partner with them to share your brand’s blogs, features, products.
  3. Check influencer contribution – It is essential to quantify the overall reach and impression of your content. Use these numbers to calculate the ROI of your campaign by different parameters such as followers gained.


Identify relevant influencers/bloggers who are affiliated with your industry. Find your target audience and the influencers’ followers should be mutually inclusive. You can use Twitter Advanced Search to search Twitter and keep an eye on specific hashtags, mentions, and conversations about your brand.


After identifying several leading influencers/bloggers, reach out! Rather than sending a cold email with your interest, go the extra mile by engaging and showcasing the fact that you have mutual interests.

  • Start following them on Twitter and start a casual conversation
  • Retweet their content to introduce them to your audience
  • Discuss something they have tweeted recently
  • Share their blog posts on Twitter
  • Connect on other social media platforms
  • Offer to write a guest post on their blog
  • Send products to them as free samples to review

Take time to source valuable influencers/bloggers and cultivate a professional relationship. When trust is established, and you’re confident that there is a mutual fit, you’re in a high position to launch an influencer/blogger marketing campaign.


From creating brand awareness to boosting sales, influencer/blogger marketing on Twitter has the potential to drive amazing results to your crowdfunding campaign.

  • Keep these things in mind before creating an influencer marketing campaign:
  • Prepare a list of leading influencers/bloggers you are in touch with
  • Define your target audience and goals for the campaign
  • Create a call-to-action and several achievable deliverables
  • Come up with a hashtag for the campaign and keywords
  • Research what your competitors are doing and what they have done previously

Going through this process will help clearly define what you want to get out of an upcoming campaign and ensure that you can meet those goals.


After developing a clear strategy concerning the influencers you are going to work with, start implementing your campaign. Have the content of your campaign ready and prepare the tools your influencer/bloggers need to succeed before the campaign launch.


Measuring the outcome of the Twitter Influencer/blogger marketing campaign using keywords and anchor hashtag from the campaign to track its overall reach and performance. Use a Twitter monitoring/social listening tool to do the individual analysis:

  • check the retweet count
  • calculate impressions/reach
  • gauge other relevant data-oriented results.

Not only will it help you judge the overall efficiency of your present campaign, but it will also let you identify leading influencers for your next campaign. This will be vital to maintaining an effective and efficient process for developing and implementing a Twitter Influencer/Blogger marketing campaign.

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