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5 Reasons Why African-American Children Should Consider Homeschooling

1. Politicians sacrifice the black community over and over again.

2. Public schools are still segregated.

3. Public schools expect less from black students.

4. Private schools are not a solution.

5. Homeschooling solves a huge number of educational problems for black kids.

75% of the students said they had to make special efforts to fit into their school communities; 82% reported that they had had negative experiences at their schools; and 40% did not believe that the school treated all students the same.

The National Black Home Educators (NBHE) is a resource network founded by Eric and Joyce Burges in July 2000. This association will encourage, support and offer fellowship to families who are exploring benefits of home education. Eric and his wife, Joyce, have home-schooled for nearly l4 years.

Rise in Black Parents Home-Schooling Children Produces Many Benefits

Kunjufu also pointed to another benefit of home-schooling: The ability to keep students focused during the summer months.

“Research shows that there is a three-year gap between white and black students. Some students do not read or are (not) involved in any academic endeavor during the summer. Those students lose 36 months or three years if you multiply three months times 12 years (grades first -12) Home-school parents do not allow academics to be forsaken for three months,” he wrote.

“Finally, in the home-school environment, parents are allowed to teach their children values,” he concluded. “Large numbers of parents are teaching their children faith-based morals and principles. And many are teaching their children with the Afrocentric curriculum SETCLAE. These children are being taught truths like, Columbus did not discover America; Abraham Lincoln did not free the slaves; Hippocrates was not the father of medicine and that African history did not begin on a plantation, but on a pyramid.”

Yes, Black People Homeschool Their Kids, Too

Challenges overcome

As a family we have overcome a host of challenges as it relates to homeschooling. We had to learn early on the art of living on one income. I believe that sacrifice and pursuit has been just as important in the lives of our children as the process of educating them. I mentioned our desire to find other Black families with the same schooling goals. It took a few years for us to connect with those families, but we did it. Along the way, we were able to embrace all of the families that we met, whether through support groups or extracurricular activities.

Home, Private and African Centered School Resources:

Nationhouse – Washington, D.C. (Private)

Roots Activity Learning Centre – Washington, D.C. (Private)

Roots Public Charter School 

Nubian Village Academy – Richmond, VA. (Private)

Nsoromma School – Atlanta, GA. (Private)

Imhotep Center of Education – ” ” (“)

Higher Ground Academy – St. Paul, MN. (Public)

Woodlawn Community School – Chicago, IL. (Public)

DuSable Leadership Academy Charter High School – Chicago, IL. (Public)

Freedom Home Academy – ” (Private)

Ijoba Shule – Philadelphia, PE. (Private)

Ile Omode Preschool/Elementary School – Oakland, CA. (Private)

Little Sun People – Brooklyn, NY.

Pearl Academy – Atlanta, GA. (Private)

New Concept Preschool – Chicago, IL. (Private)

Urban Prep. Academies – Chicago, IL. (Public)

Kamali Academy – New Orleans, LA. (Private)

New Orleans Liberation Academy – ” (Private)

Kuumba Learning Center Preschool – Washington, D.C. (Private)

Lotus Academy – Philadelphia, Penn. (Private)

Sankofa Academy – West Chester, Penn. (Public Charter)

Joseph Littles’ Nguzo Saba Charter School – West Palm Beach, Fl. (Public)

Sankofa International Academy – Brookyln, NY (Private)

Nelson Whynder Elementary School – North Preston, ” (Public)

The Nubian School – Trinidad (Private)

Kemet Foundation School – Ghana (Private)

K-12 (not African Centered, but an excellent FREE source to home school)

African American Home School

We know there are way more than this out there, please send more via the contact us page.

Reference Resources:

– Homeschooling Basics (101) by Beverly Hernandez, Guide

– “The new pioneers – Black Homeschoolers,” Home School Legal Defense Association Magazine, July/August edition.

Athelda Ensley is a freelance writer and author who writes at her Speed of Life blog.


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