Building Platforms to aid Black people in pooling their resource and gain financial independence.

me 047Living Legend: Linda P. Smith (Lynn

Role: CFM, BBNomics -Buy Black Economics

PositionsFounder, Activist, and President at BBNomics-Buy Black Economics

Location: Denver, CO

Why and How Linda is Taking a Stand:

BBNomics-Buy Black Economics is all about group reliance, real money wisdom, for our people who want to beat the odds, prove everyone wrong and become a beacon of light in the world by living life with a purpose.

The aim is making an impact by providing platforms for everyone to actively engage in fundamental principles of group economics, group-love, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. It’s for our people who are serious about taking their lives — and their POWER — to the next level!

TAKING A STAND – BBNomics -Buy Black Economics is meaningful to me because when I needed seed money to start my transportation business, at the age of 28, my dreams came true when family pitched together to help me reach my goal. Even when others doubted, my dreams were BIGGER than ever and I was so certain that I was going to make it happen. I then became one of the only woman-owned transportation company to give transportation during Super Bowl XLIV 2010, in Miami Gardens, FL. This was accomplished with the support of friends and family who believed in me.

I created BBNomics-Buy Black Economics to help my people do the same. In 2010, after becoming an independent consultant, Buy Black Economics was born, the first project developed by this organization was BBNomics – ‘A Crowdfunding Site,’ soon after many more initiatives were designed and privately financed to help our community organizations. This journey is long and extremely difficult, but I refuse to give up. My personal goal is for these platforms to raise millions in funding to help entrepreneurs and organizations open their doors to the public. BBNomics-Buy Black Economics other goals are to teach the fundamentals of group economics, group-love, and financial literacy through education, keynote speeches, panelists and most importantly, funding many start-up ventures. 

Driven By Her Mission: Investing in her community, click here.

All of her projects: ;BBEIG

You can reach me using the following methods: Twitter: @lynnbbnomics 

Posted on October 26, 2015 By Staff