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We are working diligently to produce the following methods for our empowerment, and much more…

Join us and spread the word, let’s recreate our own economic stability.

Hurricane Maria has caused catastrophic damage to some of the People of the Caribbean Islands. People are in need of EVERYTHING. The Pause Network Co., a Non-Profit which was very successful in administering Relief Efforts to Hurricane Irma Victims, has logistics on shipping and shipping containers. 3 40′ containers will be filled and shipped from […]

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Virtual Blackboard is an online homeschooling network for parents who choose to take control of their child’s education.

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Buhble Black was started as a social media platform to put out positive images of the black community. We cover black people all over the world.  We are blessed to have rich interaction from our tight knit followers.  We we want the expand in the following ways: product reviews, an app, and advertising for new […]

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By T.Stacy