Urban Redevelopment Across the Midwest


There is a renaissance occurring across the Midwest with the miracle in Cincinnati’s Over-The-Rhine and now moving to Gary, Indiana’s central business district. Gary once a large and prosperous. One hundred years ago Gary, was a new settlement on the south shore of Lake Michigan nicknamed the “city of the century.” Gary was founded and funded by the industrial colossus U.S. Steel—chairman Elbert H. Gary, for whom the town is named.

Classic Rust Belt

Today Gary is a Rust Belt city with a predominantly African-American working class population points to its perception not as an historic boomtown, but a city left reeling when the manufacturing left. Gary stand as a model for the failing Midwestern industrial town  with white flight and the disorderly departure of industry in the later half of the 20th century resulted in a lack of jobs and development. But the promise of the city and community needs vision for revival that could apply to other working class cities on the ropes.

Urban Renaissance

There is today a focused on blight busting and targeted development, attempting to inject optimism back into the town and its citizens. A number of new community initiatives and institutions, including ArtHouse, run by Chicago’s Theaster Gates, are using art as a catalyst for urban renaissance.

Francine Anderson

Francine Anderson is the youngest in a family of 5.  er father migrated to Chicago from Greenwood, Mississippi.  Her mother migrated to Chicago from Brookhaven, Mississippi.  Both were fleeing the racism, violence, and lack of opportunity that plagued the south. Francine worked in corporate finance as a financial analyst after completing her BA in Finance at Clark Atlanta University.  She later worked as an Illinois Realtor while investing in properties in Chicago’s Englewood and Washington Park neighborhoods.

Lakichay Nadirah Muhammad

Lakichay Nadirah Muhammad affectionately known as “The Queen of Self Improvement” and “The Wellness Angel” has an extensive background in the healing arts. This international bestselling author, speaker, earth steward and community leader is committed to the awakening and refinement of the indigenous family. With an extensive background and training in the world of Real Estate Investing, Philanthropy, and Community Building this wife and mother is able to effectively marry her skills to aid in the transformative rebirth for individuals, families and communities.

More Gold Investors, LLC

Enter More Gold Investors, LLC to put their own brand of redevelopment on downtown Gary. More Gold Investors consist of a pair of highly skilled and experienced real estate developers that have combined forces to bring the redevelopment of 624 Broadway with approximately 6,250 square foot retail development space.  The project is located on Gary’s main downtown street, Broadway, and is walking distance from City Hall, the Metra Train Station, US Steel, and the city’s minor league baseball stadium. The project site is on the west side of Broadway Street, midblock, near the Centier Bank Building.

The Convergence of Locavesting and CrowdInvesting

When we look into the investment portfolios of most individual investors we will find stocks and bonds of large multinational companies that very often send jobs and profits overseas. The new retail investor class that crowdinvesting creates is very cash rich and rarely finds itself being invested in local businesses that as stated above are the economic drivers of communities. How do we change that dynamic? How do we channel more capital to productive use—to the small businesses that create jobs, spur innovation and build strong local economies? Well, crowdinvesting is the vehicle that will be able to transfer this capital to small local businesses and real estate development.

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