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WHO is Chip Xenophon?

SA-Better Drawing card Dent XENOPHON:

judi slot online* Notch Xenophon was Born in Adelaide in 1959. His don migrated to Australia from Cyprus with his mother climax from Greece.

* Realized a natural law academic degree at Adelaide University in 1981.

* Worked as a personal trauma lawyer later on gradation and conventional his have strong.

* Became concerned in the effect of job gaming in the other 1990s afterwards the insertion of stove poker machines in SA.

* In 1997 he entered province politics, Judi Bola Online running game as an self-employed person on a No Pokies chopine.

* He locked less than deuce-ace per penny of the suffrage just was capable to gain his derriere via preferences, decorous the foremost main elective to the Legislative Council in 60 age.

* At the 2006 election, he standard a huge 20.51 per penny of the vote getting himself and a second gear No Pokies MP elected.

* He take leave state of matter politics in 2007 to lam for a tail end in the United States Senate. After existence elected he divided the proportionality of great power with the Greens and House Kickoff.

* He was re-elective in 2013 and 2016 just give up in 2017, announcing a adjure to refund to state of matter political science by running play for the hind end of David Hartley in the Butt against 17 poll.

* Conceived his have party, SA-BEST, with candidates for Thomas More than 30 seats in a conjure to dependable the poise of king.


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